2K Team

The 2K Team consists of a national pro-staff and the 2k Crew. To become a Pro Staff member you must fish in a national circuit and provide a resume of quality promotional experience in the fishing industry. Pro Staff members enjoy the best benefits we can offer in return for honest and distinguishable promotion of our brand. If you have what it takes and are interested in joining the Pro Staff team, contact Josh Barnette, National Pro-Staff Manager for more details.

The 2k Crew is our street team. Crew members get discounts on products and free swag in return for helping promote 2K at the local level. It's easy to sign up and apply - just fill out the form here.


Josh Barnette

Josh Barnette
Arcanum Ohio

I have fished the Salmoids Northern Division for the last 4 years and finished in the top 10 in points in each of those 4 years and qualified for their classic on Kentucky lake. I also fish numerous opens every year, and do alot of traveling fish at lakes all over.

In 2014 i plan on making the Jump to the B.A.S.S. Northern Opens and or FLW Everstarts.

I have a passion for this sport that is somewhat scary, along with my great sponsors backing me i will be pursuing my dream.

Sponsors: Kustom Kicker Jigs ; Elite Rods ; SolarBat Sunglasses ; BigBassUSA; BassKnuckles Clothing ; StankX Baits and i own Mid-Ohio Reel Tuning and Cleaning


Darien Craig

Hometown: Hayden, AL
Birthday: February 3, 1994
Website: www.dariencraig.com

About me: I am 19 years old. I graduated High School in 2012 from Hayden High. I then went to Jeff. State Community College where I am still taking classes towards a degree in Marketing. I plan to work in the fishing industry once I graduate and one day, be able to put the working away, and just fish.

Fishing: I started tournament fishing when I was 13 and have had a huge love for it ever since. I started our High Schools first ever Bass Fishing team that won back-to-back State Championships my Jr. and Sr. years. During this time I fished all the time in Local and Regional tournaments. Once the youth tournaments were over, I had to step up to face the big dogs. In 2012, I decided the Opens would be where I would fish to try and make it to the top, so in 2013, I fished the BASS Southern Opens as a Co-Angler. My went on to finish 23rd in the points out of 366 and I am very excited for 2014 and the new season of Opens to start!

Sponsors: 5×3, Kustom Kicker Jigs, Big Bite Baits, Lazer Trokar, Lews Reels, Livingston Lures, Flying Fisherman, Vicious Fishing, Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, Batson Enterprises, Southern Sports Group.


Terry Wike

My name is Terry Wike I’m from Salisbury NC I’m 37 years old! Been fishing ever since I was able to hold a rod and reel! I fish BFL tournaments and some other stuff hoping to move up and fish the bigger tourneys! First year I have had sponsers they are KUSTOM KICKER JIGS,JAK A JAW custom rods,RIVER VALLEY CRANKBAITS,SOLAR BAT, and BASS KNUCKLES! So my goal is to fish the next level one day!


Rob Thivner

Columbus, Ohio

Founder of Lizard Skinz Fishing Team

Lizard Skinz Fishing Team was founded in 2010, merging the best companies in the fishing industry to produce a winning team, whos responsibility is to not only bring visibility to the sponsors and their products, but to share techniques and preserve our natural resources, at the same time passing this wonderful sport of angling on to the future generation of children.

*2 Top 20’s in the Bassmaster Northern Opens on Lake Erie- Sandusky, Ohio

*15th Place FLW Lake Erie- Erie, PA

*1st Place Megabass Open Lake Erie with 23 lbs in 5 Smallmouth

*1st Place Great Lakes Largemouth Tournament- 5 Largemouth-22.5 lbs

*Numerous Top 10 Finishes

*Bass Fishing Competitively for 18 yrs

*I’ve sat on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Bass Federation


Levi Snow

I am 24 years old, and have been bass fishing my whole life. When I am out on the water I want to reach out and get kids more involved in bass fishing, I know when I was a kid there was not very much publicity on bass fishing, I am hoping to change that. I also want to promote my sponsors, and help them spread the word of their product. Last but not least I will give 110% to achieve not only my goals, but also those that my sponsors and peers expect from me.

Bill Simpson

Bill Simpson

LOCATION: Stanton, Michigan

TOURNAMENT HISTORY: Bill is starting his fifth year of tournament bass fishing. In 2011, Bill qualified for Michigan TBF State Team with his 8th place finish on Houghton Lake, which qualified him to fish the TBF Northern Divisional in 2012 on the Mississippi River out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. At that tournament Bill finished 7th overall and was the top finishing angler from Michigan, Bill also had big bass for the entire tournament. As the top placing Michigan angler, Bill qualified to fish the 2013 TBF National Championship, which is being held on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. Bill also qualified for the 2013 Michigan TBF State Team and will be fishing at the TBF Northern Divisional on the Ohio River out of Wheeling, West Virginia. Bill also fishes the NBAA divisions and NTTA club tournaments.

2013 TOURNAMENTS: In 2013, Bill will be fishing some of the Michigan BFL’s, TBF State Championship, TBF Northern Divisional, several NBAA divisions and several local club level tournaments in addition to the TBF National Championship.

ABOUT ME: Bill is licensed funeral director, working full time with his dad, where together they operate the Simpson Family Funeral Homes. When he is not on the water, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. Bill is a member of his local Lions Club and active in his church serving as both the Treasurer and Moderator. Besides fishing, Bill enjoys deer hunting and camping


Allen Teer

I was born and raised in Lufkin, TX and began my fishing love at an early age. The first topwater strike I ever got is still firmly planted in my memories. Growing up, I was able to fish the mighty Sam Rayburn and Dam B, as well as stock ponds around our community. Throughout the years, my travels have enabled me to fish such waters as Lake-o-the-Pines, Caddo, The Big cypress Bayou, Wright Patman, Conroe, and Somerville, just to name a few. My best Tournament Finish in 2009 was 2nd at the Make a Wish Tournament on the Red River last September. I am fortunate to live on the shore of Lake Livingston, outside of Huntsville, TX. Although this is my home lake I fish all over Texas and Louisiana. My wife, Terry, and I fish together as much as we can as she also shares the passion of chasing the “green” fish. As I have been bass fishing for nearly 40 years, and have developed a wealth of knowledge that I am always eager to share. Never hesitate in contacting me whenever you have a question, or just to chat a bit.

Current Employer: Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice
Member: ABA
Member: B.A.S.S.
Pro Staff Coordinator Thee Fisherman’s Soap
Pro Staff Director, El Grande Lures
Texas Team Manager Kustom Kicker jigs
National Pro Staff Kistler Custom Rods
Pro Staff Azuma Fishing
Lews Fishing Team
Pro Staff Team Vicious Fishing
Pro Staff Secret Weapon Lures
Pro Staff The Rod Glove
Pro Staff Minda Lures
Pro Staff Bow to Stern and KVD Line and Lure
Pro Staff Bass Angler Magazine
Pro Staff Fish Eyes Sunglasses


Scott Devries

Married 36yrs.
Wife – Karen
Daughter _ Mindy 33
Son – Scotty 30

Manager Al and Bob’s Sports
3100 South Division
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Life Member: Bass Anglers Sportsmans Society (BASS)
FLW Outdoors
North American Fisherman

NBAA Member since 2011
Fish the NBAA Overtime Circuit – Muskegon Division
NBAA Muskegon Division Points Champions 2012
60th Place NBAA National Championship 2013

4 – Time BFL Florida State Qualifier for BFL Regional Championships
32nd Place BFL Regional Championship, Lake Murray, South Carolina
50th Place BFL Regional Championship, Clarks Hill Lake, Georgia

Many top 10 finishes in Florida BFL Divisional Tournaments including 2 –
2nds, 1 – 3rd, 2 – 4ths

2nd Place ESPN Bassmaster Weekend Series 2006 Harris Chain of Lakes

Angler of the Year for Club Florida 2008 (FLW)
Winner of the Club Florida Championship 2008

Former Pro Staffer for:
Sea Tow of Central Florida
Deep South Fishing Rods
JJ’s Magic (Dippin Dye)
Warrior baits (Ohio)
Stick Jackets


Brian Walls

New Weston Ohio
I got addicted to fishing as a kid and have never stopped. Been fishing tournaments for over 10 years. I’m a dedicated family man who loves sharing my passion for this sport with my daughter, and seeing her passion grow. I fish the Salmoides northern division and as many opens as possible.


Michael ‘The Mojo’ Schoemann

  • Posted Top 10s, made Regionals, and cashed checks in each of the 3 years in the FLW Bass Fishing League
  • Won 3 NBAAs before the BFL and will fish my first FLW Everstart this year
  • Biggest smallie: 6.3 lb (twice !) and biggest largehead: 8.1 lb
  • Favorite technique: Drop Shot with a Shimano 2500 / 6’8″ med xf Avid or G2 on LSC
  • Currently a Chrysler TCR Manager with 26 United States Patents
  • Married 16 yrs to my best friend Sheri, I also love being a father and coach to my son and daughter

One wouldn’t expect my lifelong passion to be the pursuit of Harmony. In Rob Newell’s 2012 November FLW article “In the Zone”, he describes a version of nature’s zen perfectly …. and that’s why I HAVE to fish.


Tyler Jaskiewicz

I am a 23 year old tournament angler from Bay City, MI. I am fairly new to the sport, this upcoming season will be my 3rd full season of tournaments. I fish NBAA, TOP BASS, and The Michigan Bass Federation Nation. I will also be appearing on the television show Bustin’ Sticks, Season II. My most notable accomplishment in my bass fishing career thus far is winning the 2012 Angler(s) of the Year (AOY) with my partner in the Michigan Bass Federation Nation. My goal is to take this sport as far as I possibly can, and compete at the highest level in bass fishing. Each day on the water brings a new challenge, but no matter what water I’m fishing I always have a jig tied on, and Kustom Kicker Jigs is the only choice for me!